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Øya Natt: Marcel Dettmann + Finnebassen ***Advance Ticket***

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Marcel Dettmann | Little Miss Lucifer | Finnebassen | Ole HK & Normann

The man is back. Ostgut /Berghain mainstay Marcel Dettmann is back at Jaeger, doing what he does best, Techno. In the well-established tradition of Øya and Jaeger, we take on the nocturnal duties for the annual Øya festival again in 2022. As the grassy knoll in Tøyen park dies down, we coax the sound-systems into life with a week-long line-up featuring some of our favourite and consistently good international guests. The pocket book strings get stretched to the limit for this one. Local loyal Techno agent and record pushed, Little Miss Lucifer joins the big man in the basement, while it's Thursday as usual in our Sauna as Finnebassen and Ole HK and Normann take care of duties in our back yard.

ID: 20
Gården: 22:00 Finnebassen+ Ole HK +Normann
Diskon: 23:00 Little Miss Lucifer
                  01:00 Marcel Dettmann [DE]

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