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Frædag: Booka Shade (live) ***few tickets left - plenty more on the door***

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Booka Shade (live) | g-HA & Olanskii | Øyvind Morken

***Early bird tickets are sold out - many more general admission added as well as tickets on the door***

It’s the month of icons at Jaeger, as Booka Shade joins the lineup in January 2023. Bringing their legendary live show to the basement, g-HA & Olanskii host the Frankfurt artists for their Frædag residency. From tracks like In White Rooms, Body Language and O superman to their live performances, these veterans of the scene have been celebrated through various epochs of club music. These club legends find themselves in the belly of the basement, joining an alumni that ranks some of the world’s best Djs, producers and artists. g-HA & Olanskii take the helm every Frædag as they open Jaeger’s window to the world. 

#house #minimal #progressive #live

Sauna: Øyvind Morken
Diskon: g-HA & Olanskii + Booka Shade (live)

#house #dj #club