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Frædag: Dam Swindle (10 years) ***Advance Ticket***

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Dam Swindle | g-HA & Olanksii | Øyvind Morken | DJ Nan

Celebrating 10 years at Jaeger, Dutch electronic Djs and power-House producers, Dam Swindle return to Jaeger’s basement. Frædag celebrates the Dj duo’s birthday with g-HA & Olanskii extending an invitation to these Jaeger regulars yet again. A lot has changed in10 years, we’ve evolved, matured and most importantly we’ve added more bass. An intimidating burr from a quartet of 24” speakers and a log-cabin-hi-fi dance studio awaits our guests as we look forward to another ten years of Dam Swindle and many more good times for the dance floor.

Sauna: Øyvind Morken + DJ Nan
Diskon: g-HA & Olanksii + Dam Swindle
#house #disco

#house #dj #club