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Karmaklubb & friends x Frozen Jungle Launch

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Antony Mburu | Deeva D | Refel | MOR (DJ set / live) | Global Drama

Karmaklubb* is an autonomous nomadic queer platform, a space for critical reflection, and celebration. Besides club evenings and nights, the programme consists of open conversations, curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, film production, panels, concerts, performance art, Drag, wine tastings, ale, and sometimes food. Things that are nice for the whole being. Since 2018 Karmaklubb* has realised more than 250 projects, among them hosted events of various sorts in addition to launching an extensive number of other projects on- and offline. Karmaklubb* is also a publishing and research platform, the IGWTLI publishing (established in 2018), that exists as essays, letters and gifts, transcripts, experimental written encounters, in addition to listening sets, podcasts, and an archive of ‘thought & pleasure’ — and new forms constantly to be explored. Critical reflections as well as pure joi (sic), anchored in the Karmaklubb* ever morphing and transcending practice with people being part of the travel. Partners and collaborators include museums, artist driven initiatives, print houses, publishers, a wide range of organizations and individuals working within the fields of arts and culture, rights and freedom of speech, as well as gastronomy and nightlife.

Sauna: Anthony Mburu + Refel
Basement: MOR (DJ set / live) + Global Drama

everywhere: Deeva D (Burlesque; popups, presence)

#mahragan #tabla #acidtechno #afrohouse #amapiano #GQOM  #brazilianfunk #house  #trance #psychedelictrance

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This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”. 

#house #dj #club


accessibility information:
This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”.