Nightflight: Øyvind Morken


Øyvind Morken 

Øyvind Morken stretches the legs on our backyard  soundsystem. Playing a truly eclectic blend of music from a extensive record collection, he takes us on a lysergic journey through club music’s most distant spheres. Imbued by the spirit of Harvey and the ingenuity of Parrish, no-one sounds like Øyvind Morken as he makes this Saturday his own. 

*If the event is cancelled due to covid, a full refund will be issued. Events are subject to changes. 

Clubbing in a pandemic

Covid-19 regulations are still in effect and we’re operating under shorter opening times, under a limited capacity with seating room only. Table service is in effect, and facemasks are obligatory whenever not seated at your table.  We encourage you to arrive early to avoid the queue and ensure a prime spot.

Øyvind Morken

Oslo`s Øyvind Morken (pronounced Oy-vind) has a unique ability to play everything from A to Z of what genres concern. Working the dance floor in the most unexpected ways. Taking up catalog space on such diverse labels as Moonlighting, Full Pupp, Mysticisms, Gravity Graffiti and L.I.E.S. And with a production style that takes in inspiration from the worlds of new beat, early techno, electro, proto-house, boogie and DIY electronics, gigs appeared all over Europe and in Asia.


ID: 20
Corona protocols apply
* Seated and table service only.
* All guests asked to register.
* Wear mask if close to others (when not at your table).